Fulfill every sweet desire across different categories and occasions with creative confections that capture consumers’ attention.

Chocolate Souffle Cake
Donuts Cake
Waffle Cake
Chocolate Cake

Create Confection Perfection

We offer a broad and deep portfolio of products with new and exciting flavors, vibrant colors and world-class confectionery expertise and innovation that bring everything together.

Tap into trend tracking that takes you to the next level with trend-forward nutrition and functionality—and sustainable ingredients that resonate with consumers. Partner with us to create exciting and indulgent confections with delightful taste, texture, appearance and aroma. With our market-ready solutions, unique confectionery laboratory and pilot plant, you’ll also get to market faster.

Sugar Confectionery

Consumers buy sugar confections on impulse, looking for fun flavors and textures. At the same time, they may also be concerned about sugar intake. Impress candy-lovers with unique flavors, Colors from Nature™ and textures—from chewy gummies to hard candy, courtesy of our innovative flavor and technical expertise and variety of solutions.

Chocolate Confectionery

Chocolate can be a personal reward but, at the same time, consumers want to feel better about indulging so they want less sugar and more clean-label. With Laziza help, you can give them everything they want—great indulgent taste along with "lower sugar" content courtesy of our sweetening solutions and nutrition-focused ingredients such as protein, fiber and antioxidants from our health and wellness opportunities.

Gum, Mints & Fruit Snacks

Consumers love chewing gum yet many think it has too much sugar. You can give them long-lasting mint flavor with our Fresh and Cool™ natural mint solutions—and reduce the sugar content with our wide variety of lower-calorie sweetening solutions.


Our teams have a powerful portfolio of sweet, flavorful, and colorful ingredients along with the right products needed to bring your confectionery dreams to life.

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Confectionery products can be distributed to wholesale, retail, and supermarkets to reach a wide range of customers. Here’s a breakdown of each distribution channel:

Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distribution involves selling confectionery products in large quantities to businesses such as convenience stores, grocery stores, specialty retailers, and independent confectionery retailers. Wholesalers typically purchase products directly from manufacturers or distributors at discounted prices and then sell them in smaller quantities to retailers.

Retail Distribution

Retail distribution focuses on selling confectionery products directly to individual customers. This can include various types of retail establishments, such as independent candy shops, gift stores, kiosks, and online retailers. Retailers typically purchase products from wholesalers or directly from manufacturers.

Supermarket Distribution

Supermarkets, including large chains and local grocery stores, provide a significant market for confectionery products. These products are usually sold in dedicated sections, such as the snack or candy aisle. Supermarkets often work with distributors or wholesalers to source their confectionery inventory, while some may also have direct relationships with manufacturers.

It’s common for confectionery manufacturers or distributors to utilize a combination of these distribution channels to maximize their reach and cater to different customer segments. By targeting wholesale, retail, and supermarket channels, confectionery companies can ensure their products are available to consumers across various outlets.

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